Vinyl Record

Polyester and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Tape

RISKS  Polyester & PVC based tapes have proved to be a very reliable oxide carrier with polyester being the base for most `modern’ tape.  It is differentiated from acetate in that when pulled, instead of snapping, it goes to a `shoe-string’.  Most modern tape is stable but a manufacturing problem at AMPEX, an American manufacturer, resulted in a condition known as sticky tape syndrome (see separate chapter).  Tape is not perfect and problems continue to exhibit themselves.  Tapes have in the past shed oxide at an alarming rate either as a powder or by flaking off during playback.

CONSERVATION PRACTICE  Keep away from direct sunlight, heat, magnetism etc.  Tape heads should be regularly cleaned and demagnetised.  Leader tape should be applied to the beginning and end of each tape.

HANDLING  Once again avoid touching the tape as much as possible.

STORAGE  Store vertically in the tape’s original box and if possible in acid-free boxes.

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