Vinyl Record

Paper Tape

RISKS  Over time the oxide layer can peel away from its backing to such an extent that almost all of the oxide is lost.  Additional problems include creasing and tearing of the paper base, mould growth and variations in the width of the tape as a result of the paper becoming damp or wet.

CONSERVATION PRACTICE  It is possible, using soluble nylon, to rebond the oxide to its base long enough to copy the audio content but this is a skilled, time consuming operation restricted to the conservation laboratory.  The playback of paper tapes is best left to experts as layer-to-layer adhesion is common and straight playback can strip the oxide from its paper base.  Copy the sonic contents as soon as possible.

HANDLING  Avoid touching the tape as grease residue can lead to mould growth.

STORAGE  Store way from light, heat, magnetism etc.  Store on a spool with removable sides because of the irregularity of layering prevalent with this kind of media.  The spools can be stored vertically or horizontally preferably in acid-free boxes.  If storing vertically take care not to exert too much weight pressure on the bottom recording.

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