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Pest Control

It is important that storage areas for sound carriers are kept, as far as possible, pest free.  A pest can be defined as an organism living where it is not wanted!  As far as sound carriers are concerned there are four major pest types - humans, rodents, insects and micro-organisms and fungi.  Probably the major pests are humans who can drop litter, smoke, touch recordings and generally create dust.  Rodents are another particular pest as they can gnaw sound carriers and their containers as well as fouling.  Insects can also eat sound carriers and their containers and if they die in the cases they can, when decomposing, adhere to the sound carrier.  Micro-organisms and fungi will grow on most sound mediums thus weakening and destroying them.

Storage areas should only be accessed by people who need to be there and they should be cleaned regularly and kept free of dust.  If there is a particular problem with rodent or insect infestation then the appropriate traps should be set.  Keeping the storage environment at the correct RH (ie. 45-50%) will inhibit the spread of most micro-organisms and fungi.

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