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These pages are intended only as a brief guide to the care and conservation of sound carriers.  We are aware that there are many formats such as Durium discs (cardboard discs coated with a lacquer), DAT (digital audio tape), DCC (digital compact cassette), minidisc and video tape which are not included on these pages as well as the direct cut discs onto to mediums such as aluminium and copper.  We have however tried to include the more common formats which will be encountered.

If you need advise on the conservation and preservation of any formats not covered on these pages please do get in touch.  North West Sound Archive can also run day training courses on the care and conservation of sound media.

Each section contains details of problems which may be encountered and ends with a summing up under the headings risks, conservation practice, handling and storage for quick reference.  Some information is repeated in more than one chapter as it is relevant to different types of sound carrier.  There are some sections covering subjects ranging from sticky shed syndrome to disc bronzing which, while dealing with a specific sound carrier, did not really fit into the main body of the text for that carrier.  These are included as separate sections.  We have also included short notes on general storage, disaster planning and pest control which may be of interest.

It is hoped that these notes will be of use to both the enthusiastic amateur and those dealing with sound carriers in their professional life.  As a general rule however if you are unsure about a certain recording get expert advice and for more detailed information contact North West Sound Archive.

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