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23rd August 2014

Yet another successful event.  Blessed with  beautiful bank holiday weather, the Classic Cars @ Clitheroe Castle took place with record crowds attending and fabulous cars on show. Visitors also had the opportunity to see examples of recording equipment from the last century and listen to a variety of recordings from the Archives and chat with the Archive Team. We received very positive feedback and hope that the event will continue.





Besides running it's own events North West Sound Archive is currently involved with over 200 recording projects which organise varied activities throughout the region.

Please check this page regularly for news, events and links in your area.




We are regularly being requested for copies of recordings on a variety of subjects and while we can generally assist, there are inevitably still gaps in the collection. The following are areas that we hope you can help with:



Home Remedies and Folk Medicine


Do you remember the home remedies of your youth?  Did your mother ever use herbal remedies?  How did you cure warts and styes?  What about a sore throat?


Did you ever have your chest rubbed with goose grease?  Did tar fumes cure bronchitis and other breathing difficulties?  What was liquorice water used for?


If you remember any of these cures, or any other home remedies we would like to hear from you.


North West Sound Archive is trying to capture these memories to preserve them for the future.  If you can help we would love to record your stories.  Please get in touch with us.


Everyone has a story to tell

Don't be shy, take part




Are you an Artist working in any medium and living in the North West, whether professional or amateur. We would love to record your memories and experiences and find out how your art has developed. The recordings would be stored at the North West Sound Archive for posterity. Please contact us  if you would like to participate.


Diversification in the Countryside

 We have a number of recordings from farmers and countryside people talking of the older methods of farming and other related ways of life but we know that times have changed and many farmers and businesses have had to diversify. We would like to record these changes, whether it is new methods of farming, diversification into other areas such as the leisure industry or developing a new 'product' . Can you help? Please contact us. 




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